Necklace Length Guide

By Villainswear

How to Use the Necklace Length Guide:

1. Click for Details: 

Click on each length category to reveal more information about the necklace style and its corresponding length. For example, click on "Rebellion" to learn about a 40 cm necklace length.

2. Visualize the Necklace: 

As you click on each category, accompanying images of the necklace styles will appear, allowing you to visualize how each length would look when worn.

3. Enjoy Your Necklace: 

Once you've identified the perfect necklace length for your desired look, enjoy wearing your new accessory with confidence and style, knowing you've chosen the ideal fit for any occasion.

Necklace Length Guide


Length: 40 cm


Length: 50 cm


Length: 60 cm


Length: 70 cm



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